Ugadi 2024


Ugadi, a kaleidoscope of cultural richness, paints the canvas of a new year with hues of tradition and flavors of anticipation. It’s when the Banana Leaf Lunch blends the sweet, sour, and spicy flavors, showcasing the diverse culinary heritage of our Karnataka.

Join us on April 27th, starting at 11 am for “Bale Yele Oota” (Banana Leaf Feast) along with the musical concert by Namma Popular Kannada Singer Hemanth Kumar of “Preethse Preethse” fame !!!

Timberline Middle School

9900 Redmond Ridge Dr NE

Redmond, WA 98053


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Ugadi, a tapestry of cultural vibrancy, marks the onset of a new year with joyous revelry. Neem flowers and raw mangoes perfume the air, symbolizing the blend of life’s bitter and sweet moments. Elaborate rangoli designs adorn doorsteps, reflecting the colorful mosaic of experiences that shape our journey. It’s a time-honored reminder that life, like the changing seasons, is a cyclical journey of growth and renewal. So let’s celebrate this beginning with a warm welcome and embrace the year.

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