Lokesh MD

Lokesh MD

Lokesh MD is the co-founder and invaluable member of Seattle Kannada Sangha. A popular name in the non-profit community of Greater Seattle area, Lokesh brings extensive experience in starting and leading non-profit organizations. He is also a distinguished cyber security expert with a proven track record of safeguarding enterprise applications.  As an entrepreneur Lokesh has established and led multiple ventures and takes pride in creating jobs in the community. He is also the founder of the popular Kannada Radio Station “ಗಂಧದಗುಡಿರೇಡಿಯೋ “


Lokesh’s multifaceted background, spanning cybersecurity, entrepreneurship and community leadership provides Seattle Kannada Sangha with strategic guidance, technical insight and a genuine commitment in contributing to the Kannada community of Seattle. His presence on our board reinforces our mission to make a meaning impact in the Kannada community across the world.

Anil Puvvadi

Anil Puvvadi is the co-founder and vital member of Seattle Kannada Sangha, boasts a wealth of experience in spearheading various crucial aspects of numerous nonprofit organizations. Presently, Anil serves as the Principal Engineering Manager, leading essential Azure core services at Microsoft. Anil’s profound affection for Kannada Arts and Charity has propelled him to actively spearhead several Kannada communities and participate in fundraising endeavors spanning across various U.S. states. He has further lent his talents to directing numerous stage dramas and choreographing captivating dance performances. Anil has also held the role of an executive committee member within NAVIKA since 2022, and he takes great pride in serving as the Food Advisor for NAVIKA 2023.


With his diverse background and active role in the community, Anil offers Seattle Kannada Sangha valuable strategic insight, a well-defined execution strategy, and a sincere dedication to enhancing the Kannada community in Seattle. His membership on our board further solidifies our mission to create a significant influence within the global Kannada community.


Sushma is deeply honored and humbled to be a part of the Seattle Kannada Sangha as a Board member. Sushma is passionate about creating a vibrant, inclusive community that celebrates the rich Kannada culture in Seattle. For her, this role is not just about preserving traditions but also about making a meaningful difference. Sushma believes in the power of community and is enthusiastic about the prospect of building a progressive Sangha that not only provides a platform for Kannadigas but also actively contributes to the betterment of the local community in Seattle and back in Karnataka.


As a Seattleite, Sushma shares the love for the outdoors that many in the region cherish. Hiking has always been a source of inspiration and rejuvenation for her. She is eager to bring that same spirit of exploration and camaraderie into community initiatives. Sushma looks forward to working together, learning from one another, and creating a positive impact that extends far beyond the immediate circle. She believes in embarking on this journey together and making a real difference, one step at a time.